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Your wedding / marriage ceremony
is the central event 

Genevieve Messenger -The ceremony is what matters
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A celebrant marriage ceremony allows you complete freedom of choice. It is your wedding; you are the reason for, and the focus of the ceremony. -- You choose the celebrant, the date, the time, the place, the words, the music and how you wish the ceremony to be conducted.

First Rule: Beware of cheap celebrants. Some cheap celebrants say they do everything others do, but they do not! Some do far too many or far too few weddings, and cannot possibly give your wedding the attention it deserves.
No two marriage celebrants are the same. They are all individuals, so choose a Celebrant who is committed to standards (SEE BELOW and LEFT) and who suits you personally. You need to feel relaxed and confident that your celebrant will carry out your wishes - and also give you the best advice. Celebrants should give you complete choice, and encourage you to have a ceremony that reflects your ideals, values, feelings, beliefs and personality. 

The best book on celebrant ceremonies by far is Ceremonies and Celebrations, by Dally Messenger, Hachette Livre avaialbel for the Celebrants Centre 1300 446 786. Many couples prefer to read this book first,and start choosing their ceremony, so they have a few ideas before they see a celebrant.
Your Celebrant may supply you with a copy of "Ceremonies and Celebrations", or "It's Your Wedding" (a shorter version) which gives you a wide choice of poems, introductions, vows, askings and ring ceremonies and includes example ceremonies. After you have a basic resource as a starting point why not then search the Internet or go down to the library to also explore your favourite poet or author?

Personal Recommendation is always the best way — but go through the check list. Make enquiries among your friends and acquaintances. It is easy to find someone these days who can recommend a good celebrant.

In Australia : Phone Yvonne at the Celebrants Centre 1300 446 786. She will let you know the celebrants in your area if they are not on these pages. Most on our list are committed to the highest standards.

The best way to check whether a celebrant is suitable without inconveniencing anyone is to make a simple phone call or check the celebrant websites. e.g.,

You should ask the celebrant what is their system in regard to ceremonies - discuss with any proposed celebrant the points which are important to you. Ask what resources they are prepared to provide you with, whether they are willing to do on site rehearsals, how many weddings they do etc. If this is satisfactory to you then you should ask the celebrant if they are available on the day and time you require.

Increasingly, the best qualifications came from the International College of Celebrancy (Beware of similar names - the key word is "College") Monash University, Vicxtoria University, or Qualtrain WA. Others have to be very carefully assessed - there are some very "dodgy" courses. Those spending money and time to become top professional celebrants demand your consideration. Those who train them (Mentors) must also be considered as celebrants who lead the field!