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Your Funeral Celebrant is Dr Chris Watson

of Ivanhoe, Victoria

I am Located inAtma:
19 Langs Rd.,
Ivanhoe 3079

My contact details are:
03 9499 4977

My Website is:
This one!

My Associations are:
ICC Alumni and Friends

I Provide the Following Ceremonies:

  • Funerals or memorial services (I have retired from Marriage Celebrancy as I wish to concentrate on Funerals and some other ceremonies. The photos and comments below I am leaving here as a record of my experience as a marriage celebrant and of the celebrant role in general.)
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Name-Giving
  • Any other ceremony

Qualifications:chris watson cleebrant
Advanced Diplomas of Marriage Celebrancy,
Funeral Celebrancy, General Celebrancy
Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy.
B,A. (Hons.) (University of Melbourne)
Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)
B.Theol. (Melbourne College of Divinity)

Trained by the International College of Celebrancy

About Dr Chris Watson:
Chris Watson cleebrantDr Chris Watson was for many years a Lecturer in English at La Trobe University, with a special interest in poetry. He has taught in other Universities in Australia and abroad.

On leaving the University he became Dean of Studies with the International College of Celebrancy.

His work in preparing many celebrants for their careers has given him an excellent understanding of the importance and variety of ceremonies in our lives. His understanding has been enriched by ongoing studies in a number of languages and cultures.

His Ph.D studied poems of John Donne and Andrew Marvell, and he loves an opportunity to include literary works in a ceremony, especially those by his favourite poets from earlier centuries.CHRIS WATSON CLEBRANT PAR EXCELLENCE

A member of a community choir, he appreciates the place of song and music in ceremonies.

A very involved father of four and now grandfather of three, he is always interested in ways of including children in ceremonies.

WATSON THE CELEBRANTAll of the above are subject to his overriding belief that his ceremonies must be composed in close consultation with the people who invite him to be their celebrant, and reflect their wishes.

He believes that the ceremonial occasion is for them, not for him !


Thank you for the exceptionally full, graceful and dignified ceremony you gave us yesterday.

"... we have been hearing much praise for your excellence as celebrant for Zaiga's funeral.

Thanks Chris
You did a Great Job ! We were both really happy with how the wedding turned out.

"And thanks again for everything Chris. It was such a perfect day and you were great."


glass of wine

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