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Renewal or Re-Affirmation of Vows

BillSallyReidMarried for Yonks - does this describe you?

Bill and Sally Reid - happily married for forty years (2005) and getting happier.

In the age of divorce so many people forget that there are many, happy, successful marriages. For many couples, the longer they are together, the better it gets. What is it that inspires people all over the world to renew the vows they made in their first wedding?

There are as many reasons as there are people, but we can generalize to a degree. 

  • The first wedding was not able to fulfill all the emotional needs of the couple.
  • Troubled times have brought them closer together and they want to re-establish their relationship with special vows.
  • Very dear relatives were unable to be at the first ceremony, so the couple chose to give their family a tribute special for them.
  • The couple simply wish to acknowledge the love and support experienced throughout their relationship and confirm the intent of their original vows.Bk Ceremonies Celebrations4

Whatever the reason, the special nature of a Renewal or Re-affirmation of Vows ceremony needs the skill and compassionate perception brought by a well-qualified Celebrant.

We know that you want your ceremony to be special for you: 

Call the Celebrants Centre on (03) 94190460 and obtain our books and booklets on ceremony to assist you with ideas on how to make your ceremony unique.

Reaffirmation of Vows Ceremonies, adapted from Marriage Ceremonies, can be found in Ceremonies and Celebrations and It's Your Wedding.

A wonderful gift for a marriage Anniversary is a Geneaological Ketubbah. A Ketubbah is the earliest form of marriage contract, one being discovered in 1905 in Egypt. Click here to view the text of this amazing document from 440BC.

You can also have a professionally prepared Reaffirmation of Vows Certificate with special envelope available at the Celebrants Centre.

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