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Ceremonies & Celebrations
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A book with example Wedding, Funeral and other ceremonies. Hard copy from the Celebrants Centre - 1300 446 786




Your Wedding / Marriage and Funeral Celebrant
is Mark O'Connor

Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant of O'Connor in the ACTMark O'Connor Civil Celebrant

I take a certain joyful responsibility in that I persuaded the poet, Mark O'Connor, to become a marriage and funeral celebrant. There was a time in history when there was no distinction between poetry, music, the other arts- and ceremony. I felt that Mark would be the perfect bridge between the world of poetry and the world of secular ceremony. I'm glad I succeeded.

Dally Messenger III
International College of Celebrancy

I am Located at
8 Banjine St
O'Connor in the ACT

The Places I Go (cf Dr Seuss)
Around Canberra, of course, but I will go further if you pay my expenses !

My Contact Details are
Ph: 02 6247 3341
Mobile: 0451 517 966 (Use the land line for preference)

My Other Website:

General Qualifications
Inter alia, I have published sixteen books of poetry, and have involved myself in the world of literature, history and social comment for many years.

Celebrancy qualifications
I have been assessed and trained by the International College of Celebrancy, whose Diplomas I hold with pride.

Mark O'Connor poet and CelebrantAssociation
International College of Celebrancy Alumni Association

If you would honour with me with your wedding
It goes without saying that I have the background to provide you with resources and advice. We dialogue on your wishes and ceremony, until you have the ceremony that suits you. I attend to all legal matters.


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