Kimba Griffith

I came to the work of celebrancy on a long road. Singing at hundreds of wedding ceremonies with my husband Ryan in our jazz duo, I had an opportunity to view the wedding ceremony from every angle.

Fascinated, I began to take notes, and soon realised I was called to do this work, and do it well.

As my research and learning unfolded, I saw the connection among the various passions of my life: attending to birthing women and their families, understanding more about the dying process and how to honour and respect that; the deep sense of comfort I experienced in small rituals (annual gatherings, community events, religious ceremonies, and the weddings and funerals I attended or worked at).

When there was an authentic and warm person conducting these events, I noticed how profoundly people were affected, in a positive way.

Kimba Griffith
Marriage & Funeral Celebrant of Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Mill Park -
Bespoke humanist, secular
and spiritual ceremonies

Ceremony and ritual are the elements that bring life’s most important journeys into focus.

Hurstbridge, Victoria, Southern NSW and ACT

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Weddings and Commitments
Your relationship
Kimba Griffith Celebrant
Your relationship has bloomed and grown from strength to strength. You’re aware of the ups and downs and the need to find strength in yourself and in each other. The little hum has become a roar ‘this is the one’. The question is asked and accepted, or the decision to dive in together is made. After the initial thrill of dreaming up your big day, you realise just how many elements that involves.

This is where I can step in and help ease the load! I also offer beautiful live music as part of your ceremony.

I strive for these key elements:

Vision Statement

Kimba GriffithMy vision statement as a wedding celebrant is to offer a unique ceremony that reflects your love story. Whether secular and grounded in the concrete elements of this life, or expressing a spiritual or religious belief that is part of your identity, I am comfortable with reflecting your beliefs in the ceremony I create for you.


‘The truest love resigns itself to everything,
no matter how life pulls it apart,
love makes another start again.
Now when I think of that broken-hearted fall –
I’d give my all to have that moment to speak again.
To thank you for chasing a bluer sky –
and to kiss again – and say goodbye.’

Kurt Elling

My work as a funeral celebrant is very simple. To assist and support families to honour and farewell a special person in a way that reflects the person, and that supports the family in their grief.

A funeral or memorial service is a celebration of a precious life, an acknowledgement of their absence, and a space to grieve and be supported. I assist families to create funerals that are personal, affordable and authentic. I see my role as a compassionate organiser, a listener, a person to make things happen when it seems too difficult to do anything, and a celebrant who gives shape to the event, and speaks for and with the family, and perhaps even the deceased person too.

Some gatherings are high on colour, laughter and stories. Others are extremely sombre and serious. I am able to assist you to create a farewell that reflects the life and death of your loved one, and your own wishes and needs. I can meet with you at short notice, offer some resources to assist you in planning the funeral, and gather stories and information about your loved one’s life and times.

I have travelled widely and have been studying cultural practices around death and funerals. In 2013, I began offering support to dying people and their families in a role often called ‘end of life support/death doula’. The role of officiating at funerals comes very naturally to me within the realm of these experiences. I strongly support the growing movement of in-home death care, natural burial, green funerals, and family-led funerals. As well as being more sustainable, personal and meaningful, these are so much more affordable. Simple measures such as using a cardboard or bamboo casket, and decorating it with family and friends, can bring costs down and meaning up.