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For Heaven's sake,
choose your celebrant with care! 

Please get it straight. The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. It is the central pivotal event. Everything else is on the fringe. The ceremony is where you make the memory which will sustain you in the future. What you say and what is done in the ceremony seals the personal lifelong compact between you and your partner. It should be done with careful preparation. And the celebrant has to suit you, the celebrant has to advise you well, the celebrant herself has to be interested in orchestrating the best ceremony she can. Get the right vibes ! Get the right person ! How to choose.

There are a hundred details which contribute to a good ceremony, this is the special moment in your life when you and your husband or wife-to-be, communicate and share your love - and the commitment you make to each other. It is witnessed by friends and family. The memory of that special moment should be one that stays with you throughout your long and happy married life.

Personal Recommendation is always a good way to find a celebrant. Make enquiries among your friends and acquaintances. It is easy to find someone these days who can recommend a good celebrant, and perhaps, with equal importance, warn you of a bad one! It is fair to say, as in all professions, we are different. Some may not have the passion and attention to detail that you may desire. Do not be swayed by cheap quotes, remember, you get what you pay for.

In the absence of official criteria for standards of service, Dally Messenger III, Principal of the International College of Celebrancy, suggests a 'Five Diamond' approach. Read it through the Five Diamond Celebrant.

You can find the celebrants in your area. Those on our list are committed to the highest standards. (But still proceed with care!)

Many celebrants have also expressed a desire to assist same sex couples by providing ceremonies of distinction. Please review our Commitment/Same Sex page for particular celebrants in all areas.

You can often assess whether a celebrant is suitable by making a simple phone call. You should ask the celebrant what is their system in regard to ceremonies. Ask what resources they provide, whether they do on-site rehearsals, how many weddings they do etc. If this is satisfactory to you then you should ask the celebrant if they are available on the day and time you require.

And is good to have your own ideas straight before you turn up for a meeting. Have your questions ready. And I will give myself a plug here - My book - Ceremonies and Celebrations has five sample wedding ceremonies and lots of variations in poetry and other readings. My 16 page booklet "It's Your Wedding" has five suggested ceremonies on double page spreads and is very reasonably priced. See pic) (Ring Yvonne on 1300 446 786 - )