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Music in your wedding / marriage ceremony

Recorded Music in your Ceremony

(Advice Dally Messenger III gives his clients; talk to your own celebrant about it!)

Music, for most people, is an integral and important part of any and every ceremony.

I have been a celebrant for thirty eight years and it has been my universal experience that the music is usually botched up in one way or another.

Live Music in your Marriage Ceremony

My college, he International College of Celebrancy encourages live music at ceremonies. If you go down this track with competent professionals, you could not do better. (Quartets, Trios, pipers, singers etc)

If, however, it is your preference to go for recorded music i.e USB sticks, CDs or tapes, I urge you to proceed with care. It is not as easy as it seems to get the music right.

Music is integral to a good ceremony.

A professional celebrant can arrange for you to have the best quality portable CD player available on the market. Better still they may have a PA system that includes a CD player, with a competent operator, and a fairly wide choice of classic and popular wedding music and songs. The operator must be well rehearsed and briefed to work well with such a celebrant, the correct songs/pieces of music at the correct time, ensure the volume levels are correct, fade out carefully and slowly, in short, get it right for you on the day. 

Michelle Wilson -violinistPhoto: Violinist: Michelle Wilson playing The Lovers Waltz by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason at her brother's wedding: Photo Jospehine Harkin. 

Placement of Musicians

Music is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. There is no really good ceremony without music. It is very important that the musicians be close to the ceremony, otherwise the music will not "feel" part of the ceremony. Musicians correctly want to protect their insturments from burning sun or rain. Check to make sure that the musicians you hire have shade cloth or a large umbrella. Otherwise you may find they escape to the nearest tree - a long way away! 

Music will include at least 10-15 minutes of play prior to the wedding, the specially chosen piece for the procession of the bride at the beginning of the ceremony, two songs/pieces to be played during the signing of the register and papers, and a recessional as the wedding party processes out and while congratulations are received at the end of the ceremony (at least 10 minutes).

Many celebrants supply CD / iPod Music througha goo quality PA System and build this into their fee. If it is an addtional cost, allow, including hire and setting up of equipment, cost of operator, travel, and dismantling afterwards is $160-$200.

Consult your celebrant. Get it right!